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Actually, we wanted to learn something about art from them. In the end, we learned how positively three master’s degrees in art education can rub off on a garage rock band with four stylistically confident members. In short: it was love at first night. The content of Batbait’s music highlights issues of personal reality from the perspective of young, feminist women. This band is fast becoming the poster child of a genre without ever adhering to its conventions.
When a melody unfolds in one of the brothers, and more notes are missing, then they come together, the Hermanos Gutiérrez, and in the process turn not only the Grundiynkommen Agency’s head. Although their age difference is 8 years (and therefore their debut album was titled “8 Años”), they join string to string like twins. The two guitars create the melancholic melody of a Mexican steppe where the sand and the delicate purple sky around the setting sun merge into one. The Ecuadorian roots of the Brudis carry the melancholy of this vastness within them, and it is precisely that which has touched us where it hurts the most.
well, where should we begin. 

for sure it is also about the gaga dance, the late night calls and the way she puts colour into the black and white world of emails. but most of all it is about her trust in us as friends and her backup – overwhelming and keeping us asking ourselves how we deserve it. because deep inside we are convinced that Mel D doesn’t really need us. all she needs is a few seconds of your attention. after that, everything big comes by itself and the world becomes the small place it really is.
When this duo’s request came in, we hesitated for a few months before giving it a yes. Not because we had any doubts, but to keep a small chance to look cool doing it. Mel D and Bill B are exactly that combination of authenticity and charisma that sets our heartbeat. And this is our promise: If you lend the big stage to these two, they will reliably return it burned to the ground. From the bottom of their hearts.
It didn’t start with finding a management mandate – it started with finding this human being and her friends. In the end, after a few glasses of wine, there was no choice but to embark on a common path with these equally wonderful and talented people, somewhere between collaboration and love affair. A group of people from the small town who took their time to find their sonic identity in spring 2022 – and hatched out of the cocoon of previous projects. Debut LP in the making, the big stage impatiently waiting.
This is a Fam Ting. We’ve partnered up with Pegel Pegel, the since-Day-1-base of the Lynx. Two DIY mindsets that have become one vibe. A collab that came out of a long exchange that went to the deepest places. A connection on a human level that was born even before the idea of this agency. We are happy a.f. that we can now dedicate a section on this website to this so deeply reflected artist.
Stereo Luchs paints atmospheric, razor-sharp images and has his brush on the pulse of time. For us, the most genuine poet in this country, writing stories in the (mother) tongue of the next gen. As boss as no other – and if then always in the best company.
And let us make this clear: It’s a true honour setting up those shows as we can’t believe – or explain – that this guy ended up with us.