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Vision & Values

No one has been waiting for another agency in the Swiss music industry. Here it is. And it’s nice that you’re (still) here.

Grundiynkommen aka. basic income has nothing to do with music? We embody the idea of a basic income in this business because in our opinion it has to find its way into all areas of today’s life. In addition, certain developments in our industry upset us. Thus, we now carry a statement with and in our name – unfortunately with a spelling mistake. As a young, independent agency with clear values and unafraid of high professionalism and broad content, we definitely aim for great things, but not for self-enrichment. We want to combine our work with our personal values, a clear attitude and, humbly as ever, change the game.

“That’s utopian and you’ll be broke at some point!” Say only those who have never had the privilege of experiencing our idealism and optimism. As a not-for-profit agency, it’s quite simple: what’s more than enough doesn’t flow into our bags (soon available in the webshop), but into projects of our artists or directly into the emerging Grundiynkommen Foundation.