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We devote ourselves to the here described activities mainly due to lack of other skills. To us, reflecting is easier than studying. Fortunately, realizing made us better. Nevertheless, we are still surprised that it all actually works. In the end, we simply don’t do anything that we are not two hundred percent convinced of.


We want to connect what belongs together and prevent what needs to be prevented. With great care we bring our artists to those places where their audience is and really listens. Preferably at a time when no one yet knows of their lucky fortune. We don’t have a crystal ball (yet), but we do have a strongly networked intuition that we are able to rely on.

We love to share visions. Together with the artists, we look for the right strategy, a coherent concept and a loving team that preserves the authenticity of the project. We don’t want to direct, but to accompany. We don’t want to sonicate, but to amplify. Not swiping, but bonding. Even if it is not a lot with us, it is definitely smooth with us.

In the context of festivals and clubs, we like to contribute to making beautiful things happen. Parts of our past and present belong to the places listed below which we find important. However, let us confess: In times of psychologically stable state – remember the partabout our idealism and optimism?–, we occasionally drift off to daydreaming where we do the booking for the Winterthurer Musikfestwochen. With and full of love for Matthias.


We burn. And we flourish. For cultural, social and ecological involvements and projects – and consciously, far too often without financial compensation. In addition to our own initiative and content-related work, we love to be the planning element, to work as mediators, to act as strategic co-thinkers and have an open ear – and a mailbox – for enquiries of all kinds.